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Help Yourself digital campaign website

Helping Victorians unlock tips to protect their stuff
overview Overview
The Help Yourself Campaign is a partnership initiative between the Community Crime Prevention Unit of the Department of Justice and Victoria Police. The initiative aims to reduce opportunistic and impulsive crimes by increasing awareness among community members about how they can protect their homes, cars and personal property from thieves.
Challenge The Challenge

The Department of Justice required a new responsive website, to be built in Drupal, to support a campaign focusing on high volume crime – this includes crimes such as theft from the home, from cars and from the individual.

Opportunity The Solution

Webplace produced a highly engaging campaign to educate the community about high volume crime; crimes often occurring simply as a result of people not taking preventative steps to secure homes, vehicles and personal belongings.

We produced and tested a new Information Architecture (IA) with users and also ran a selection of early visual designs past users; gauging their preference to colour, design elements and composition.

Three animations were independently illustrated and then developed using CSS Animations which allow users to unlock a series of tips on ‘protecting their stuff’ and help to augment the key messages of the campaign as much as possible.

The resulting website is interactive and engaging, includes punches of colour to signifying different content across the site, was built in the Drupal 7 CMS and complies with Whole of Victorian Government (WoVG) and WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards.

  • Department of Justice & Victoria Police
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