State Revenue Office


SRO are the major source of information regarding State taxes, levies, duties and benefits and their website is the gateway to e-Business transactions, forms, rulings and publications. The site provided no self-service to users, no longer offered an engaging or efficient user experience and therefore no longer fit for purpose.

Our solution

Webplace conducted a peer review of the Federal tax website as well as three State Government websites and spoke with each jurisdiction about their current website, future digital direction and experience with different styles of navigation; specifically views on task vs. user-based (or hybrid). We also facilitated a combination of one-on-one interviews and workshops with key stakeholders and users to understand aspirations and pain-points for the site and to explore solutions to simplify structure, improve content and enhance discoverability.

The findings that emerged included Key Success Factors which we used to measure future success as well as the following; the need to support users to embrace self service, clarification of the diverse user base which were documented as Personas and Journeys and the requirement to simplify content. We implemented a task-based navigation, an Information Architecture that supported user self-selection and the use of video content in response. All recommendations were tested with users at both the IA and wireframe stages.

Iconography was used to support content and task completion and complemented the appealing responsive visual design, whilst the Drupal Content Management System was configured to manage content which included over one thousand web pages and more than fifteen content types. The website is compliant to WoVG (Victorian Government) and WCAG 2.0 Level AA Standards.

The cost increase per interaction from web-self-service to over-the-counter is more than $40; a metric that intrinsically reinforces the benefits for customers self servicing and completing tasks online successfully and in less time. This is just one of the Key Success Factors we’re measuring now that the site has launched.



Research was conducted specifically for SRO to compare the cost per interaction of web-self-service against over-the-counter service. The latter is higher by more than $40 per interaction and a metric that intrinsically reinforces the benefits for customers self servicing and completing tasks online successfully and in less time. 

Webplace are proud of the achievements our work produced for the State Revenue Office. Google analytics comparison between 2014 (old site) & 2015 (new site) during same time period 1 Jul – 31 Aug shows huge improvement:

  • File downloads (forms, publications etc) +94.29%
  • Bounce rate -22.58%
  • Mobile device visits +11.43% 
  • User sessions (approx. 750,000 visitors) +4.88% 
  • Average session duration +6.26%


Multiple Award Winning Website

In November 2015 Webplace were awarded Australian Web Awards ( top award the McFarlane Prize as well as Best Government Website (Nationally) and Best Government Website (Victoria) for the website.

“Winner of the McFarlane Prize for excellence was Webplace for the State Revenue Office Victoria. The site represents best practice in user experience and accessibility, and we acknowledge its trend-setting use of video in helping users deal with complex matters. The commitment to user-testing and the scale of work involved in project-managing all that content in a large organisation were decisive factors.” Source:

The Australian Web Awards showcase outstanding work by Australian web designers and developers. Their purpose is to promote the industry, to champion web standards, to acknowledge excellence and to provide marketing advantage to companies working at the highest level. The awards date back to 2005 in Western Australia and have been national since 2009. 

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