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EnergyAustralia customer self-service portal redesign

Co-designing a customer self-service portal
overview Overview
The third largest retailer in Australia, EnergyAustralia provide electricity and gas utilities to general households and business.
Challenge The Challenge

EnergyAustralia (EA) approached Webplace to plan and design an efficient online self-service portal. The portal would use the Oracle Utilities Customer Self Service (OUCSS) platform and was being implemented by the business as part of a ‘Digital Transformation Program’ aimed at providing customers with direct access to manage their account information.

Opportunity The Solution

To assist in EA’s self-service design direction Webplace engaged with the EA team to map user journeys to establish where we could “reduce the noise” throughout the user interactions. Webplace also worked with EA to review other online customer self-service offerings across different industries and disciplines and established best-practice insights.

A number of our designers then produced conceptual designs for the project and each design was presented to EA alongside the best-practise insights found during the research, and considerate of existing brand guidelines and style guide.

The final outcome was a set of task-oriented designs that allowed their customers to get in, pay a bill and get out, without fuss or confusion. Webplace’s creative team produced 26 interaction designs (wireframes), 52 web page designs and an online HTML digital style guide throughout the project. And our development team produced all the responsive-design HTML/CSS templates for implementation to the OUCSS Oracle platform.

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