Discover how we have partnered with our clients to realise their digital goals

Our best works

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Takeovers Panel

Website refresh

A new Drupal 9 website for the Takeovers Panel

Partnering with Takeover's Panel to Deliver a Cutting-Edge Drupal 9 Website Upgrade

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BirdLife Australia Web Presence

Corporate site redevelopment

Consolidation of 37 individual websites for BirdLife Australia

Consolidation of BirdLife Australia's 37 individual websites to improve user experience, including a new CMS, content strategy, governance, and user validation workshops.

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Mantel Group

Design and Build 4 Websites

Four new websites for Mantel Group

Mantel Group engaged Webplace to re-develop websites for four of their specialised brands, creating a seamless and engaging online experience that showcases each brand's unique capabilities and expertise.

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Philanthropy Australia Website Redevelopment

Website Redevelopment

A new and improved website for Philanthropy Australia

Philanthropy Australia's redeveloped website offers an intuitive user experience, brand alignment and greater capabilities.

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Office of the Public Advocate

Website redevelopment

Delivering a new website with a focus on improved User Experience

Learn how we delivered a new and improved website using the Ripple Design System

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Victorian Environmental Assessment Council

Website redesign and redevelopment

Simplifying user journeys to access key information

Read how we worked with VEAC to understand and deliver a website that caters for multiple key users groups

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Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)

DoFoodSafely Program

Transforming learning and assessment from paper to digital

Discover how we partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services to create a learning and assessment tool for food safety that receives 6 million hits a year.

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Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Water Trade Allocation Web Application

Improving access to water trade allocation information through data visualisation

Insights into how we developed the hugely popular Water Trading application for the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

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Coliban Water

Website transformation

Transforming the way customers interact with Coliban online

See how we partnered with Coliban Water to co-design and deliver a user-centred dynamic website in Drupal.

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Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC)

Website redesign and redevelopment

Consolidating and simplifying complex User Journeys with a brand new website

Learn how we consolidated three websites into one and simplified user journeys for the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner

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Magistrates Court

Website Redesign and Redevelopment

Helping some of Victoria's most vulnerable through simplified user experience and readability

Discover how we redeveloped the Magistrates Court website in response to recommendations of the Access to Justice Review and the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

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Website Optimisation

Improving user engagement across the ARENA digital channels by 31%

Learn how we developed an award-winning digital presence for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

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Coroners Court of Victoria

Coroner's Court of Victoria Website

Designing for compassion and understanding

Discover how we worked with Coroner's Court of Victoria to engage with subject matter experts and the court to develop a digital presence that was reflective of its purpose and how it serves the public

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Central Highlands Water

Digital Agency Support

Rescuing a Drupal project in need of urgent assistance

Sometimes things happen for whatever reason where systems can be left without support. Learn how we responded within days to audit the underlying platform and provide ongoing support.

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Nova digital strategy & website redevelopment

Science for curious minds

Discover how we produced the hugely popular Science for curious minds website for the Australian Academy of Science

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Website Research, Design & Development

Delivering research-backed technology for social justice

Working with Infoxchange and research with some of the most vulnerable communities, we designed, tested and developed a website that helped and not hindered the user experience

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State Revenue Office

Website research, design and development

Improving the customer experience through self service and task based content

See how we increased online user engagement by over 90% for State Revenue Office

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Telstra Corporation

International digital partnership

A digital partnership that spanned the globe to transform its business and processes

Discover how we partnered with Telstra to become an external internal department to facilitate, engage, design and build projects to support and amplify its brand pillars

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Customer Self-Service CX, design and development

Improving Customer Experience with new and legacy system factors to consider can be a challenge - lucky we're good at it!

Working with existing customer account systems and integrations with new customer account systems can be challenging, we were able to partner with the great UX team at EA to develop a simplified task-based solution to improve the customer billing processes.

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Website research, design & development

Improving usability, accessibility and a website redesign for GWMWater

Working with GWMWater subject-matter experts to understand key user-tasks that the digital presence needed to support

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Swinburne University

Website research, design & development

Australian Policy Online rebranding project

A true co-design exercise working with the team at APO on interaction design and user journey mapping to make complex content searchable and discoverable

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University of Melbourne

Student Portal research, design and implementation (Oracle) assistance

​Fresh and modern university student portal​

Working with UoM web team, webplace engaged with UoM students to understand the top tasks needed from the student portal as well as A/B testing of design. Fairy floss proved to be the preferred method of payment over money for user engagement participation compensation!

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Moose Toys client service & digital agency support

Website consolidation

Moose Toys

Discover how we managed a digital ecosystem of 20+ websites using Drupal multi-site and Acquia

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Public Record Office Victoria

Website research, design, development, integration

Simplifying complex search through data dating back 200 years and stored in an MCG-sized warehouse

Through many user research sessions and many stakeholder workshops, we were able identify the many data types, locations and catalogues that needed to be considered to provide a simplified solution to an extremely complex challenge.