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Infoxchange website redesign

Infoxchange delivers ‘technology for social justice’
overview Overview
Infoxchange is a social enterprise that tackles big social challenges through smart and creative use of technology. They work with government, the community and corporate partners to help solve issues relating to family violence, homelessness, people with disabilities, the elderly, and Aboriginal, Maori and Pasifika communities.
Challenge The Challenge

Infoxchange’s website evolved in an organic way, causing a proliferation of webpages, domains and sub-domains. The site grew unnecessarily large and complex. It was hard to navigate and lacked visually engaging content.

Infoxchange needed help to understand and document the user and business requirements, which would guide the design and development of the site.

Opportunity The Solution

We started with looking at the current situation. We reviewed:

  • analytics
  • company strategy
  • 11 of Infoxchange’s websites and digital assets.

We then held workshops, interviews and surveys to identify:

  • Infoxchange’s objectives
  • opportunities and challenges
  • the needs and behaviours of Infoxchange’s target audiences.

With this information, we found that there was a need to better tell the Infoxchange story and promote their position as a thought leader. We also found room to improve how customers navigated to and between Infoxchange’s products and services.

Based on this, we prepared:

  • user personas and stories
  • functional requirements
  • an information architecture.

We were then engaged to produce a Solution Design (technical scoping) to build the new website, as well as prepare the wire frames, visual design and front-end HTML/CSS development.

Infoxchange’s internal development team deployed the Drupal CMS and launched the website in June of 2016.

The Result

Client Wins

  • Ease of navigation, a great user experience and compelling content has increased online enquiries by four, allowing greater engagement with target audience
  • For the first time Infoxchange has a consistent brand presence online that effectively tells the story of their products and services to target audiences. Their mission of technology for social justice is woven throughout
  • The new website consolidated over 20 domains and subdomains to one single portal
  • Streamlined content management, authoring and approval process


Statistical analysis

Key indicators show that users engage more with the new website*:

  • 400% increase in enquiries
  • 35% increase in session duration
  • 34% increase in page views
  • 23% increase in pages per session
  • 22% decrease in bounce rate
  • 20% increase in usage on mobile devices
  • 14% increase in new users
  • 12% new sessions

*Google analytics comparison 2015 (old site) & 2016 (new site) from 1 July – 31 December

"Webplace were more than a vendor in our website project, they were a true partner that guided us through the process from start to finish. The team were a joy to work with and navigated difficult conversations with patience and professionalism.

The end product is light years from where we started and we’re very happy with the result. I have had a bunch of feedback saying how good the website looks and how easy it is to find information."

Liz Greenbank, Policy and Communications Manager, Infoxchange
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