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Experienced Joomla Developers Melbourne

Few organisations have Webplace's level of Joomla experience. 17 years ago Directors Michael and Cameron worked for Mambo, the Content Management System that forked into Joomla. Webplace provides the same leading Joomla web development services today alongside a full service digital offering that solves real business problems through customer understanding and award-winning digital design. We're based in Melbourne and all of our work is done here too!

Why Joomla Content Management System?

  1. Lean, fast & secure

    Joomla can be built to your specifications with minimal code bloat, which makes maintenance in the future much simpler

  2. Well-suited to customisation

    Other CMS’es can be customised of course, however we’ve found they’re more complex and costly to build and manage than Joomla

  3. Flexible

    Joomla has an extensible architecture that allows for new components to be built and added into the system without any issues to the existing system

  4. Suitable for websites of all sizes

    Large websites for Government and corporate organisations as well as smaller websites

Why Webplace?

Exceptional experience

Two of Webplace team members have been working with the underlying code base of Joomla for 17 years

We've never stopped

Over time we've picked up, and even become certified with Wordpress and Drupal, but we never stopped with Joomla

In-progress Joomla development build

At any point in time Webplace would be working on at least three new Joomla website projects

Digital services support

We manage at least fifty live Joomla websites under ongoing digital support retainers, encompassing UX, design, strategy and development activities

CMS maintenance support

We manage the proactive CMS patch and security updates for many Joomla websites today

Joomla web development and design projects

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We needed a digital agency to work *with* us. We're more than happy with the results and would definitely recommend Webplace to any organisation after digital solutions that work.

Kulja Coulston Victoria University

Webplace were more than a vendor in our website project, they were a true partner that guided us through the process from start to finish. The team were a joy to work with and navigated difficult conversations with patience and professionalism.

Liz Greenbank Infoxchange

Not only were the Webplace team a joy to work with, but the results of the project have been met with great acclaim from our staff, our users and the public. We cannot recommend Webplace highly enough and are thrilled to have partnered with them.

Robyn Diamond The Australian Academy of Science

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